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Amazing, small donations fund DC public school teaching kitchen

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Two days ago, when I blogged out this public school teaching kitchen, I was skeptical they would be able to raise the $60,000 needed to reach their goal. After all, they were barely half way there. But it's amazing what collective action can achieve: they raised more than $30,000 in two days -- and here's the key, the vast majority of donations were below $100 each. Here's what the organizer wrote:

Thanks to over 470 people who pledged their support to build our FoodPrints teaching kitchen at Watkins Elementary School. We have received pledges from as far away as Australia and all throughout the USA, mostly in the greater metro DC area where we have had a lot of special friends who pledged support. Thanks to the families at Watkins who made gifts and to all the friends of FRESHFARM Markets for your support. And very special thanks to many of your who helped us over the last two days with blogs, tweets, emails, calls and special appeals for this campaign. We will thank all of you individually but for today, BIG THANKS, WE MADE THE $60,000 GOAL!

Then, tomorrow, we will begin talking about next steps—followup, meeting with DCPS folks, etc…..amazing!!!!

Hugs to all of you!

Image source: FoodPrints teaching kitchen