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Milk labeling fight faces deadline in Kansas

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius - Obama's choice for Health and Human Services secretary - has found herself in the middle of a fight between consumer groups and biotech interests over milk labeling. At issue: the right of producers to describe milk made without synthetic hormones, or rBGH, without additional qualifiers.

I blogged about this issue extensively in Pennsylvania back in 2007 but the forces trying to limit milk labels and informed consumer choice continue their lobbying. A number of groups and companies, including Consumers Union and Stonyfield Farms, have taken issue with the Kansas bill, which becomes law tomorrow by April 23 if Sebelius doesn't veto it. The Center for Food Safety also put up a petition here.

Which leaves the governor and Obama appointee in something of a hot seat...

(Note: the bill landed on Sebelius'  desk on April 13 and she has 10 days to review it. So the deadline is April 23. The original post erroneously said April 16. Thanks to Naomi Starkman for correcting).