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Rice Rationing, Freeze in California

By now you've probably seen the news that Costco and Sam's Club are limiting sales of rice, seemingly to discourage hording now that prices are skyrocketing and Vietnam and India are placing bans on some rice exports due to shortages.

"There is no rice," saidRita Patel of San Jose, a native of India who couldn't find any at Costco on Hostetter Road in northeast San Jose on Tuesday night, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

This applies to Jasmine and Basmati rice, though there is no shortage of US-grown rice. Costco is also limiting soybean oil sales, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Food hoarding appears to be driven as much by budget worries as concern of shortages. Consumers, feeling pinched by inflation, are loading up before prices rise again. A Queens, N.Y., Costco limited sales of soybean oil several weeks ago. The store had noticed customers buying up flour and placed a brief limit on purchases. The oil limit is still in effect.

Meanwhile, a freeze on Monday and Tuesday in California has damaged organic crops. Organic Partners reports:

Heavy hit are: Prunes, peaches, apricots, walnuts and other tree crops.  Vegetable crops will not show the full extent of the damage until there is some hot weather to accelerate the decay in the plants.