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I started ChewsWise for a simple reason: I wanted to keep a discussion going on organic and sustainable food related to my first book, Organic Inc.: Natural Foods and How They Grew. Since then I've branched out, obviously written a lot on bread baking which in turn helped inform my most recent book In Search of a Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker's Odyssey.

My background is as a journalist, so some of these posts follow more journalistic conventions of interviewing people, or digging up information. Some posts, however, are more opinionated.

Overall, I try and be opinionated without being simplistic, smart but not condescending, and will try to look at issues from multiple angles, since food choices are never one-dimensional. Other points of view routinely get expressed in the comments section of the blog.

Conflicts of Interest

There's an old saying, "if you don't have a conflict, you don't have any interest." I eat. I grow food. I'm engaged with this subject. So yes, I have an interest.

On occasion, I also speak at industry-sponsored events. These have included speaking engagements at meetings like Eco-Farm, the premier organic farming event in California; Oregon Tilth, a similar event in Oregon; Natural Foods Expo, an industry trade show; the Co-Operative Grocers Association; and Northeast Organic Dairy Farmers Alliance. Occasionally, I have also addressed food companies and consulting groups. Why do I take these gigs? After a bit of stage fright, I've actually come to enjoy public speaking. I also learn a lot from these events, usually in the highly stimulating Q&A sessions that follow my talks. Of course, being an author, there is also the PR element of promoting oneself and one's book.

Do these "ties" show up in these posts? My writing here represents my opinions and not those of the companies or people I cover. I do not get paid to post by any company, person or organization. Although I get email pitches for stories, I only follow them up based on merit.


The only advertising on the site currently consists of and Google links. I choose the books. Google chooses the ads. If you are interested in sponsorship or advertising, contact me below. Although I'd like to have a wall between editorial and advertising, that's not possible with a one-person shop. 


Occasionally, guest writers offer posts. But these occur very rarely and usually from people I know and ask to contribute.


This blog is owned and copyrighted by Samuel Fromartz. 

If you have questions on the recipes, I welcome them, but please put them in a comment on a blog post. I cannot answer questions about bread making techniques by email.

For other inquiries, please write me at sam[at]fromartz[dot]com.