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Our Daily Bread - Wheat at a Record High


Wheat prices have surged 34 percent so far this year to a record $12 a bushel, with supplies at a 60-year low. Expect more posts soon on food prices, but already artisan bakers are feeling the pinch. Here's a few snippets from one baker's discussion board:

  • "Alberta Red winter (ARW) which I was paying $12.00 (20kg bag) for a year ago will be $27.00 for tomorrow's delivery. Every delivery it is going up."
  • "I too now join the ranks of the flour pricing oppressed. My supplier just raised my price for a 50 lb bag of GM All Trump from $17.55 to $29.95. Yes, the end may be near. Maybe I can be a barista next!"
  • "My spring wheat just went from $15.90 for a 50 lb. bag to $24.50 for 50 lbs. This is really crazy. I have called every flour supplier in my area and they are telling me to prepare for much higher prices than the $24.50 I am currently paying. The forecast by two of these suppliers was $30.00 a bag by April.

Ouch! I guess we'll see the price of a good loaf going up rather soon.

Update: Bakers are marching on Washington next month to "let our government officials know that there is a crisis happening to bakers of every type and size," according to a press release from the American Bakes Association.

Image source: Baguettes by your's truly, Fromartz.

- Samuel Fromartz