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Organic Style Rag Rises From Ashes!

RoseOrganic Style Magazine - founded by Maria Rodale, then mothballed, then sold by Rodale Inc. - has been resurrected online by Gerald Prolman, better known as the organic rose guy.

I just got the link to it, so haven't read it cover to cover (pixel to pixel?) but it looks like it's going for the same audience as Yoga Journal, without the yoga.

It has an interview with Maria Rodale and an excerpt from Amy Stewart's book, Flower Confidential, on - you guessed it - organic roses. She visits a rose farm in Equador and explains how it gets by without chemicals. This is a cozy world, for those roses end up at Prolman's company, Organic Bouquet.

My only quibble is that it's a little tricky navigating from page to page -- maybe that's the nature of this digital beast. But it's not a biggee.

May a thousand flowers bloom.

(Photo of Prolman from Organic Style)