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Consumers Hate HFCS, Survey Says

The Hartman Group market research firm announced a shift among consumers who are veering away from processed foods, sugar and specifically high fructose corn syrup, which it calls "the whipping boy of their frustration."

...When consumers do venture into the (increasingly) quiet depths of thecenter store for packaged or processed foods, they are choosing to focus their attention on those foods with the fewest ingredients, additives or preservatives. Likewise, their chief concern when reading package labels has shifted from nutrients and health claims to sugar content, where they demonstrate two complementary goals (a) reducing overall sugar intake and (b) avoiding anything with HFCS.

Choosing to re-formulate your cookie line with whole grain options is absolutely meaningless if your product still contains HFCS. Ditto for fortified juices, crackers, soups or any other packaged food category. We can guarantee you that 7UP's recent decision to market itself as "natural" to consumers fell on deaf ears when the ingredient label read "high fructose corn syrup."

In a survey, Hartman reported that 71 percent agreed with the statement, "processed foods are not good for my health." (Thirteen percent disagreed). And 89 percent agreed that "the key to long-term health is through eating more fresh foods." (Six percent disagreed). It also reported that 38 percent were swayed by  the chapter on corn in Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma. Gotcha! Just kidding on that last one.

Dovetailing with the boom in demand for corn ethanol, dare we suggest that HFCS will find itself in a death spiral? Now lets not get ahead of ourselves...

- Samuel Fromartz